Unique Features

Score A overview


  • is a revision module that allows students to do short regular exercises and provides instant Output Learning to assess a student’s level of understanding of a particular topic taught in school.
  • students can select a particular topic taught in class that day and instantly find out if they have understood what they have learn and review their understanding of that topic.
  • answers are corrected instantly to allow the student to learn from their mistakes. Each question allows the student four attempts to find the right answer.
  • each attempt that is incorrect will have 1/3 point deducted, and when the wrong answer is selected, the student will be informed instantly, thus “forcing” the student to re-read the question before his or her 2nd, 3rd or 4th attempt. This instils the habit of reading the question carefully and understanding it before attempting an answer.


  • was carefully designed to allow your children do exercises as often as they want and provides instant Output Learning to assess your childrens understanding of a particular subject taught in school.
  • when a student are practicing with eAssessment™, answers are corrected instantly to allow the student to learn from the their mistakes.
  • in order for a student to advance from easy to medium and to the expert level questions, the students have to accomplish 80% in each level. This is carefully designed to ensure students are well prepared for each subject.

The key objectives are:-

  1. To provide instant output learning.
  2. To sharpen exam skills by allowing students unlimited practise.
  3. To help students to answer correctly, 1st time, every time.
  4. To establish the habit to read and understand questions before answering.

eTrial Exam™

  • module is designed to simulate actual exam environment for UPSR, PMR and SPM. It further enhance your children’s exam readiness.
  • this module will help your children condition themselves to the pressure of completing the exam in a specific amount of time allocated according to Examination Board’s Standards.
  • is designed like an actual exam and the student will have to submit it for correction or grading after they have completed it. The grading is instant.
  • this module helps to condition students to be more confident, exam ready and score A’s.

ePast Year Exam™

  • allows students sitting for national examinations to practice on actual past years’ examination papers. These are actual UPSR, PMR and SPM examination papers set by the Ministry of Education from the year 1993 till date.
  • each exam paper is set exactly as the actual examination paper format and students have the options to select questions either by “year” or by “random” and have to complete all exercises within the time allocated.
  • this exclusive and valuable feature allows students to attempt countless examination papers and helps to condition students to be exam ready and Score A’s in the real examinations.

Instant Marking & Motivational feature

  • instant marking allows the students to learn instantly from their mistakes.
  • motivational words with voice enhanced feature will constantly motivate the students when a correct answer is obtained.
  • this features create excitement and increases the confident of the student

Countdown Timer

  • this feature is introduced to help students practice time management.
  • e-PartYear Exam and e-Trial Exam is incorporated with this feature to create an actual exam environment.


  • are brief notes but compact especially prepared for use for all subjects in the Score A Programme.
  • is specially suitable for students wishing to do revision on any subject before practicing.
  • it is prepared topically.
  • therefore, students are encouraged to go over the eNotes before answering questions in eTopic.


  • this feature is developed specially for Bahasa English, Mathematics and Sceince.
  • simple highlight and double click the  and the meaning of the word pops out

eReport Card™ (Online & SMS)

  • this feature gives parents unprecedented 1st hand knowledge of their children’s strong and weak subjects. It records and displays your children’s average scores for each subject for that month. You can also check on previous months’ results to compare the difference.
  • Click on “More” & it will display the actual score of each output learning exercises.

The key objectives are:-

  1. Allow parents constant & timely monitoring of children’s academic performances.
  2. Evaluation of performances to render assistance, if & when necessary.

Nationwide Honour Roll

  • the top 100 best students by level and by subject is registered into the Nationwide Honour Roll
  • this feature creates a healthy competition between the students to compete and work harder

Score A Programme™ –  24 hours a day, 365 days in a year, anytime, anywhere

Only with 1 hour of Score A Programme a day, comes examination day, your children will sail through the challenge with confidence and Score A’s.

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