Posted by: clementraj | September 1, 2010

10 Reasons Why Choose Score A Programme

When I analyze back the reason why I joined Score A as a distributor, generating income was not the only reason behind. I’m sure there is many platforms available to generate passive income. The main reason was because of the powerful education platform and unique features being aligned in this programme.


1. INTERACTIVE is one of the most important reason. With the introduction of i-Teacher (research and developed by USM), this programme has been very interactive and able to create excitement for students.

2. INSTANT MARKING is a wonderful feature which helps students learn from their mistakes instantly.

3.  TIME MANAGEMENT is often neglected. In Score A programme, students are being monitored in terms of time management using a “countdown timer”.

4. e-REPORT CARD is very useful for parents and able to monitor their children’s performance daily basis.

5. SMS REPORT CARD is very useful for parents who is not computer literate.

6. INTELLIGENT AVATAR is a powerful feature developed by USM and highly interactive

7. E-ASSESSMENT allows student to achieve excellence by allowing them to move from the easiest level to the most difficult level with a condition students need to score 80% and above to qualify to the next level.

8. NATION WIDE HONOURS ROLL records the top 100 best student in the country by level and by subject.

9. MOTIVATIONAL WORDS is being notified verbally continuously when the students answers the questions.

10. A HUGE OPPORTUNITY for parents to convert education expenses to earnings and also OPPORTUNITY to achieve financial freedom.

If you are a parent looking for a good programme for your children’s, look no further. ScoreA is the ultimate tool for education excellence. Contact me or send me a note for a FREE preview. Take action now.


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