Posted by: clementraj | May 7, 2010

Earn RM5,000 weekly part time with i-Teacher from USM

“I’m waiting for the right opportunity.”

“I can’t seem to be able to find the right opportunity.”

I suggest instead of waiting for an opportunity to come to you, go and find one yourself. Opportunity could rarely, possibly find you without you looking for it. However you have to be at the right place, at the right time, and with the right people. To me this is no coincidence.

I want to show you the next opportunity straight to your doorstep. Its called i-Teacher. Learn how to make a good part time income and gradually earn up to RM5,000 weekly.

Guys keep your eyes wide open and look up for the big impact of E-Learning industry in Malaysia before 2012.

Kenshido International have shown its dedication and passion of being a pioneer and market leader with a  HUGE move to join venture with Universiti Sains Malaysia, USM in year 2010. Kenshido bought over the ownership of i-Teacher, an interactive  input learning programme developed by USM team itself.

This powerful programme won a silver award in the reputable ITEX (International Technology Exhibition) award in year 2008 competed by various higher institution.  i-Teacher was lauched by the TYT of Penang on the 31st January 2010.

Below are the features of the programme and is introduced from Std1-Form5.

This are the programme’s unique features. The is the most complete interactive E-Learning in Malaysia.

This is the intelligent avatar’s in Score A i-Teacher. Students has options to choose the preferred teacher according to their preference.

The is the function of the avatar, to answer related questions with voice and text message.

Thousands of questions are prepared to test the students readiness. This questions are to be posted to the avatar and answers will be provided instantly.

Animation concepts of presenting the notes. Highly attractive and good quality notes.

The pictures are designed by USM designers and has a high degree of quality.

Notes are presented with attractive and creative manners.

Real pictures are also part of the notes to increase the understanding of the students.

Good explanation are also provided with graphical pictures for better understanding.

Interactive learning tools for students to listen to the notes. This is good for the to get ready for exam effectively.

Animation concepts for students to visualize the notes better. Simply play the animation for understanding.

Animation concepts for students to visualize the notes better. Simply play the animation for understanding.

Quality pictures and drawings for clearer visualization.

Highly colourful to easily differentiate the message in the drawings.

Simplified block diagrams to understand the process flow of the notes.

Block diagrams to ease students in their memorizing process.

Kemahiran Hidup with structured notes.

Understanding history with colourful map concept.

Easier and creative concept of memorizing the notes.

Mind mapping concept to memorize notes easier.

Creative presentation on mathematics notes.

Many examples of question and working to understand the solving method for mathematics.

Many examples of question and working to understand the solving method for mathematics.

If you are interested in knowing more how this programme can either help your children in their studies or looking to use this platform to generate your weekly part time income drop me a note at or sms/call me at 0124367707 or leave me a comment.



  1. Hi Sir/Madam,

    I’m keen and interested when I got to know this opportunity by friend. Please kindly revert to me for more information about i-teacher.

    Thank you.

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